What is a Charter School?


Classical School is a charter school in the Appleton Area School District. Charter schools are public, nonsectarian (nonreligious) schools created through a contract or “charter” between the operators of the school and the sponsoring school board. Charter schools offer an educational choice beyond neighborhood public schools.  It is important to note that not all charter schools are the same and can vary significantly in their philosophy, overall design and overall results.

Wisconsin State Charter School Law gives charter schools the freedom from most traditional state mandates and regulations. In return for this freedom, charter schools are held accountable for student performance, financial matters and effective school operations.

Facts about Wisconsin charter schools:

  • Charter schools are tuition free and attendance is voluntary.
  • They have the flexibility to design and deliver innovative curriculum in nontraditional ways in order to meet the needs of   participating students.
  • They may not discriminate in admissions, programs, or activities.
  • Students take state tests required of other public school students.
  • Teachers are certified and licensed by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction.
  • Employees are district employees and subject to all district policies and regulations.