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Classical School was the brainchild of parent organizer, Kendra Lindsay. Kendra gathered several like-minded parents and wrote a proposal for the Appleton Area School District. The Superintendent and the Assistant Superintendent supported the idea of providing educational choices to parents and gave Kendra and the parents permission to distribute brochures to families in the district, place informational materials in the school libraries, and use district facilities for informational meetings.

We gave 20 informational meetings, gathered the names of over 300 students and 195 parents, received a charter school planning grant, and were approved by our Board of Education on February 8, 1999, as its second charter school.

Classical School opened with one class per grade (except for kindergarten) and eventually grew to two classes per grade in kindergarten through grade 8. In the fall of 2003, AASD renovated a building at the corner of Durkee Street and Capitol Drive to house Classical’s elementary program. In the fall of 2005, we added a wing for middle school students. In 2006 we had our full K-8 program in the same building for the first time.

Classical School is fortunate to enjoy a good relationship with the Appleton Area School District. The AASD Board of Education, Superintendent Judy Baseman, and various other administrators have consistently supported us. Classical School is an instrumentality of the school district.

The founding members of the Classical School Association’s Board of Directors included Kenneth Bozeman, Nancy and Michael Fischer, Shawn and Constance Ford, Sam Miller, Chris Van Ryzin, Scott Hansen, and Robyn Hernandez Nagreen.