What is KAT?
Posted on 02/15/2024
Knowledge-a-Thon – commonly referred to as “KAT” – is our school’s major fundraiser generating upwards of $30,000 to meet the wide-ranging needs of our students, classrooms and facility.
Each student is given a list of 100 questions and answers related to our Core Knowledge curriculum that has been taught/or will be taught this school year.  Students study with their teachers and parents to prepare for KAT Day while collecting pledges from their families/friends.  Pledges can be a straight dollar amount or a per question pledge; i.e., let’s say Aunt Betty offers her niece a per question pledge of 50 cents.  Her niece will be asked 100 questions on KAT Day.  If her niece gets 95 answers correct, her Aunt Betty will donate $47.50 (.50X95) to Classical School.
Unlike many other school fundraisers involving selling products or coupons.  KAT is a low-cost, high-profit fundraiser that promotes our curriculum and guarantees that 100% of what students earn goes directly to Classical School.
Many times employers will match contributions…check with yours to find out if they will match your donation.