Knowledge-A-Thon, commonly referred to as “KAT,” is our one major fundraiser of the year designed to help meet our school’s needs not covered by the school’s budget.  KAT also enhances and reinforces our Core Knowledge curriculum in a fun and positive way for students and staff. 

On Friday, March 15, we begin the fun with our KAT Kick-Off in the Forum at 1:45 pm. After the kick-off, each student will receive a KAT Booklet containing 100 grade-level-appropriate KAT questions and answers along with a pledge sheet.

Students will work hard over the next month to learn all the answers to the questions. During March and April, they gather pledges from family and friends to be collected according to how many questions they answer correctly on KAT Day. Students can request a “per question” pledge amount or a flat pledge amount from donors.

Knowledge-A-Thon Day is Friday, April 19. Students will come to the Forum, dressed as a question or answer from their KAT questions, and answer all 100 questions--It’s amazing what they can do!

  • KAT Poster Contest: Pick-up paper from the school office beginning Thursday, February 23rd. Posters are due Friday, March 10th.
  • KAT Kick-Off: Friday, March 15 at 1:45pm in the Forum
  • KAT Star Week: Monday, March 18 – Thursday, March 21
  • Each student will be given a star sticker. On the day they receive their sticker, students will proceed to a table in the lunchroom to answer a KAT question to win a prize.
  • KAT Lottery Lollapalooza: Tuesday, April 2 – Friday, April 5
  • Students will answer a daily KAT question to have their names entered into a daily prize drawing.
  • KAT Classroom Bonanza: Monday, April 8 – Friday, April 12
  • Students will play games in their homerooms to help them study!
  • KAT Spirit Week: Monday, April 15 – Friday, April19
  • Students are encouraged to dress-up on each of the designated spirit days this week!
  • KAT Day: Friday, April 19!