Educational justice at Classical School means equal access to the basic skills and content needed for future learning. We are committed to a universal mastery for all students. We expect each student to strive for personal excellence and academic growth; accordingly, we hold each student accountable for his or her schoolwork and behavior. Individual effort and ability coupled with the support of parents, faculty, and Classical School determine students’ academic success.

The students at Classical School are challenged and stimulated through the rich and sequenced Core Knowledge® curriculum. Starting in kindergarten students receive accelerated instruction in math, reading (Horizons and Reading Mastery), and spelling (Spelling Mastery). After students achieve skill mastery in reading, instruction focuses on unabridged classic literature, literary analysis, grammar, and composition. We use the Saxon Math program for math instruction. The Shurley Method teaches strong grammar skills. We emphasize writing in all grades and content areas. We teach Spanish daily in grades kindergarten through eight—we conduct classes in Spanish and seek mastery in aural, oral, and written proficiency. Students in fourth through eighth grade memorize Latin as well as Greek root words. Students in fifth through eighth grade learn formal and informal logic.

Students who graduate from Classical School are strong readers, mathematicians, English grammarians, public speakers, Spanish speakers, logical thinkers, and disciplined learners. They will have solid common knowledge of American and world history, geography, literature, physical and life sciences, and the fine arts.